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Thursday, May 1, 2014

PRO Compression Giveaway

As many of you know we are pretty much obsessed with PRO Compression and they just so happen to be one of our awesome team sponsors!! We love their compression socks and wear them all of the time!  They are perfect for running in and for recovering from your runs or whatever else you do that involves socks!  They make marathon socks, mid socks, low socks, calf sleeves and arm sleeves.  They also have a variety of fun colors and designs.  And I shouldn't forget to mentions they sell shirts and visors too.  Jorge did some mountain biking in Moab in his PRO shirt.    

At the gym Steph and I (Holly) are known as the "Tall Sock Twins" because we wear our PRO Compression socks when we're lifting and running.
 This is a tall sock/low sock twins day!

 There is even a green that matches our pacing singlets, for now.  We are excited to get new ones printed up soon though :) These pics were taken after our first race as a team at the Dino 1/2 last year!! Aren't we awesome!?

Steph, Josh, Joanna and I after running the AF Half last year and rocking our favorite socks.  We'll pretend Joanna is wearing the right socks...we've converted her since this was taken, no worries!

If you're in need of the best compression socks made they have given us a discount code to share with you.  Enter the code BLG14 for 40% off and free shipping on all marathon socks and sleeves.

PRO Compression is  letting us give away a pair of marathon socks!
To enter like PRO Compression on Facebook, follow on Instagram and tell us what your favorite color of Marathon socks is. We will choose a winner on MAY 10th GOOD LUCK!


  1. I want Marathon Royal Blue socks!

  2. I have the black and pink, and would love a purple pair!

  3. I have you retro white ones with blue and red stripes. I would love the yellow ones.

  4. I would love the purple sleeves or the ones that you guys were wearing at the Dino half.

  5. I really love the pink argyle. So fun!

  6. My new favorite marathon socks are the sock of the month (polka dots!). I'm also a huge fan of the bright pink and green!

  7. I would love to have the pink with stars or the pink swirl! Those would look awesome when I run or I am at crossfit.

  8. The Marathon Orange or Boston Strong, Those ones are so so so sweet looking.