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We are a group of Utah race pacers, giving back to our community by providing encouragement to fellow runners through organized races, weekly runs and through social media sharing of our stories our experience and running adventures with you. We race and pace many races throughout the year, always helping each other achieve our running goals.

Our Goal "To help you run your race"

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Active Bands Giveaway

We are so excited to announce that Active Bands is going to be sponsoring our pacing team!!! To kick of our pacing season they are giving away 2 of these 5 packs of sparkle head  bands away! 

I always have to wear a headband when I'm running, I hate having hair in my face and I like all of the fun headbands to match my outfits :) 
To enter please go and like Active Bands on Facebook and leave a comment on this blog post saying you did and also tell us what your favorite running accessory is.  
We will choose a winner on Friday morning before we leave for Vernal to pace the Dino 1/2


  1. I can't run without my watch or I feel naked!

  2. Sunglasses! I can't see through my squint without them. :)

  3. Liked active bands on fb!
    I hate having hair in my face! It is the worst! I can't run without my visor. It is the trifecta-keeps the hair out, keeps the sweat out, and shades my eyes from the sun.

  4. I have liked Active Bands. I ALWAYS have a headband on when I work out. If not I look like a lion after my workouts. I also need my Garmin. I like seeing the miles tick by.

  5. Did you announce a winner yet? I sure do hope it's me! :)

  6. Winners are Stephanie and JessBQuick!!!! Congrats girlies!