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We are a group of Utah race pacers, giving back to our community by providing encouragement to fellow runners through organized races, weekly runs and through social media sharing of our stories our experience and running adventures with you. We race and pace many races throughout the year, always helping each other achieve our running goals.

Our Goal "To help you run your race"

Our Vision, "To provide a positive running experience to athletes of all levels"

Our Objective, "To help all of those around us achieve their goals"

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

PRO Compression Winner is.....

Amy Arnesen is our RANDOM lucky winner!  She was the 12th comment, she commented on Facebook since the comments wouldn't work for her.  Congratulations Amy email me your address and the socks you'd like and I'll pass your info onto PRO Compression! hollygarcia2@gmail.com

If you didn't win and you'd like to order check out their website and use the code BLG14 for 40% off and free shipping!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dino 1/2 Fun

Yesterday our amazing pacers paced the Dino 1/2 Marathon in Vernal, Utah and did a terrific job!  It was a beautiful morning, perfect weather, and we had a great time running a beautiful race course.  All of the pacers did great talking to the runners before the race and everyone stuck to their times and came so close to their pacing goals.  The winner that got closest to their time was our good friend and new pacer Niccole Webster, she got 2 hours on the dot and this was her 2nd time pacing!  She will be receiving her favorite candy bar this week :)  Steph and I did race recaps on our personal blogs if you'd like to check them out Steph's blog is runlilmamarun.blogspot.com and mine is feedingmyrunningaddiction.blogspot.com

 Tawnya and her friend Joanna, she won a free entry to the race through our blog!
 Steph paced Parker and Keli at this race last year and they were back to PR this year!
 Our crew before the race, lookin good!  Andy and Becky got on a later bus that was late to the start so we almost missed them, luckily the race director waited for their bus before we started!

Steph doing her pacing duties making sure we were right where we should be to finish in 1:40!
 Josh did awesome pacing 1:45
 Andy our 1:50 pacer and paceband guy, we're so grateful for him!
Becky our 1:55 pacer coming in looking great as usual!
 Our 2 hour pacer Niccole right on the 2 hour mark!
 Our 2:10 pacers Aimie and Trent, they skipped into the finish!
(I missed Tawnya the 2:20 pacer finish)
 Our 2:30 pacers Karrie and Garrett

All of our pacers did a great job and we're so grateful to everyone that traveled to Vernal for the race and did their best at pacing!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

PRO Compression Giveaway

As many of you know we are pretty much obsessed with PRO Compression and they just so happen to be one of our awesome team sponsors!! We love their compression socks and wear them all of the time!  They are perfect for running in and for recovering from your runs or whatever else you do that involves socks!  They make marathon socks, mid socks, low socks, calf sleeves and arm sleeves.  They also have a variety of fun colors and designs.  And I shouldn't forget to mentions they sell shirts and visors too.  Jorge did some mountain biking in Moab in his PRO shirt.    

At the gym Steph and I (Holly) are known as the "Tall Sock Twins" because we wear our PRO Compression socks when we're lifting and running.
 This is a tall sock/low sock twins day!

 There is even a green that matches our pacing singlets, for now.  We are excited to get new ones printed up soon though :) These pics were taken after our first race as a team at the Dino 1/2 last year!! Aren't we awesome!?

Steph, Josh, Joanna and I after running the AF Half last year and rocking our favorite socks.  We'll pretend Joanna is wearing the right socks...we've converted her since this was taken, no worries!

If you're in need of the best compression socks made they have given us a discount code to share with you.  Enter the code BLG14 for 40% off and free shipping on all marathon socks and sleeves.

PRO Compression is  letting us give away a pair of marathon socks!
To enter like PRO Compression on Facebook, follow on Instagram and tell us what your favorite color of Marathon socks is. We will choose a winner on MAY 10th GOOD LUCK!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dino 1/2 Marathon entry giveaway

Who wants to win a free entry to run the Dino 1/2 Marathon in Vernal this Saturday!?  We are excited to get to pace this amazing race and want to share a free entry with one of our running friends!  If you're interested please comment below and go follow Dino 1/2 Marathon on Facebook and we will choose a winner on Wednesday evening to give you a couple days to make plans!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Active Bands Giveaway

We are so excited to announce that Active Bands is going to be sponsoring our pacing team!!! To kick of our pacing season they are giving away 2 of these 5 packs of sparkle head  bands away! 

I always have to wear a headband when I'm running, I hate having hair in my face and I like all of the fun headbands to match my outfits :) 
To enter please go and like Active Bands on Facebook and leave a comment on this blog post saying you did and also tell us what your favorite running accessory is.  
We will choose a winner on Friday morning before we leave for Vernal to pace the Dino 1/2

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pacing is de Best

Steph did this great post on her blog about her love for and adventures in pacing!  Go check it out and get excited about a fun pacing season coming up!  We are looking forward  to pacing the Dino 1/2 on May 3rd.  It was our first race pacing as a team last year and it was the perfect race!  The canyon was absolutely beautiful and it was one of my favorite races last year, we had so much fun!  

Who's excited for the racing and pacing season to begin here in Utah?

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Years Fun Run and PRO Compression Valentines socks

A few of us crazies got together on New Years Day to run 14 miles to ring in the new year I(Holly) wrote a little blog post about it and shared the new PRO Compression sock of the month and discount on my blog feedingmyrunningaddiction.blogspot.com go check it out if ya have a minute and want to read about our shenanigans and see the new sock of the month!